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Hey. I'm Aiden. I'm Rachel's daughter. Member of a multiple system, and I might talk about that some, but not in the sense of multiplicity-in the sense of "Oh look, stuff's going on with my headmates that I'm allowed to talk about". I have a fiance whom I'm getting married to in July, and we have infant twins. I'm an Order of the Darks, a Loki son, and do a few other jobs-with-names in addition to that, most/all of which take me to otherworlds. I'm also a fire jotun-otherkin if you must, though I don't normally use that term-and thus hang out around Muspelheim a lot, even outside my jobs. I work in the Feuerkind Inn also, which my Ma keeps and carries. I don't have an actual JOB job there, I just do random shit, helping out where I see it, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone who I help.

You still think I'm worth knowing after this, ping me a message. Won't deal with you if you don't, unless I poked you here myself.

Oh yeah, and for the record? You think I'm nuts you can screw off. I'm quite sane, all of this is quite real, so you think it's not, you can shove off. I'm not so keen on dealing with people reading my shit who think it's fake or imaginary, and I'm sure as shit not dealing with people who are gonna try and convince me otherwise.

We straight there? Good. *two fingered mock salute*
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